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Top Five Reasons To Start Reloading


Have you been flirting with the idea of reloading but you still need an extra push to get started? Does the process look complex and confusing and you’re lost on where to start? Whatever your reasons are for putting it off, here are some great reasons to start reloading today.

It Saves You Money

Reloading can save you serious cash, especially for hard-to-find and exotic calibers. You may not save much on your standard 9MM rounds or common rifle cartridges (which you can buy in bulk), but match grade ammo and more uncommon types are typically much less expensive to reload.

For instance, handloaders can typically save one dollar or more per round on match grade 308 cartridges and two or more dollars on 338 Lapua and 300 Winchester magnum. With a simple single stage press setup, that means you could be recouping your initial investment within three to four hundred rounds.

It’s Educational

If you truly want to become an expert marksman, knowing how and why your ammunition is performing a certain way is critical. The best way to understand what’s going on when that round goes off is to have made it yourself.

Through the reloading process, you see exactly what components are in your ammunition and how they perform with your specific firearm.

It Puts You In Control

Reloading lets you pick each individual component in your ammunition and experiment with what works best for you. Maybe your firearm works great with boattail OTM bullets and Winchester brass, so through reloading you’d learn to shoot exactly that.

Your favorite store bought rounds may also become scarce or more expensive someday seeing as commercial ammunition follows certain trends and market pressures. If you’re handloading, anything is possible, and it puts you in more control.

It’s Fun!

Reloading is a great hobby with lots of variety and advanced techniques to explore. Since it’s easy to get into with modern equipment and helpful books, handloading also offers a whole world of information to uncover. Creating your own special recipes, casting custom bullets, modifying cases, and testing your loads for performance are just some of the fun projects that await the advanced reloader.

It’s Satisfying

Whether you’re going for cost savings, maximum accuracy, or reloading obsolete rounds, reloading is a very satisfying endeavor. When just starting out, the initial wonder of making your own ammunition that works is exciting. Then, as you progress and improve, making consistent high quality rounds of your own design is extremely fun and satisfying.

We hope these five great reasons to start reloading inspire you to take the plunge and, as always, have a safe and enjoyable time shooting!

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