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Reloading for Hunting

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Although there are many good choices for factory loaded hunting ammunition, loading your own hunting rounds can be economical, lead to better accuracy and lethality, and be just plain fun. Developing your own recipe specifically for your rifle will ensure that, when that once-in-a-lifetime shot comes up, your ammunition is up to the challenge.


Factory hunting ammunition is expensive, much more than rounds designed for plinking or target practice. The high quality components that go into hunting ammo drive the price up, and while you may not be firing dozens of them in a single season, testing out many different kinds to find which works best for you can cost a lot.

By reloading, you can experiment with powders, bullet types, bullet weight, and other factors for much less money. Instead of needing to buy an entire box, you can make just what you need for testing.


When it comes to making a critical shot, you don’t want to chance anything. By developing your own loads tuned to your individual rifle, you can make predictable shots at even very long ranges. Hunting in difficult terrain can sometimes require shots out to 200, 300, or even 400 yards. The optimal bullet selection for your rifle may not even be available as factory ammunition. Loading your own hunting rounds is the best way to guarantee the best accuracy out of your rifle.


There is a huge variety of other ways to improve your hunting by reloading. You can carry many different handloads with you, so depending on changing conditions, you always have the best ammunition available for the shot.

You can reload with high quality powders that stay stable in extreme temperatures, or use powder with flash inhibitors for night hunting. You can also choose to use all-copper bullets which are much better for the environment.

Before you set out on your next big hunting adventure, consider making some handloads to bring along.

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